This is Alan Neale’s substack.

Its title comes from an article that my late wife Angela  (1940-2022) wrote half a century ago.

“We have to put ourselves together again. We must become real. When we are real, we are a real threat. A real threat to the status quo, because its structures and methods of control will no longer be able to contain us….This is the Feminist Revolution - the revolution of consciousness.”

(Angela Hamblin, Ultimate Goals, Women’s Liberation Review no 1, Oct 1972)

It was Angela who first opened my eyes to the possibility that patriarchal oppression is not inevitable, and to the realisation that we need to overthrow it if humanity is to survive on this planet. I hope that whatever insights my posts offer will do justice to her memory.

My first posts recorded Angela’s involvement in 1970s campaigns against rape and forced adoption. Later posts are exploring related issues such as surrogacy, the gender industry, men and feminism, safeguarding, transhumanism, the commodification of nature, and climate breakdown.

Perhaps writing these posts will help me heal my grief at Angela’s death. Hopefully, too, some of these posts may, in their own small way, add to what Mary Daly, in her prophetic book Quintessence (1998),  termed “a New Presence of the Past.”

Each post will stand alone (and some may be responses to current events). But I intend many of the posts to follow on from what went before, to highlight the inter-connections between them.

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I hope that we can end patriarchy before it has totally colonised our human bodies and made our planet uninhabitable. But I know that it goes deep, and that we’re nearly out of time.